Wearing & Caring for your BE jewellery:

Now that you have bought an amazing piece of jewellery you want to do all that you can to keep it that way.

The tips and tricks on this page don't just apply to Briana Edith jewellery, but to any jewellery that you may own.


  • Before putting on necklaces and other jewellery that will touch your skin, ensure that all moisurisers, deodorants, make up and perfumes have dried before hand.
  • Do not apply perfumes etc after putting on jewellery - this can lead to tarnishing of metal and the possible compromise of the jewellery look or structure - pearls are particularly sensitive.
  • Take care with clasps. Clasps are often designed to be linked together with the most minimal effort. Do not overbend and manipulate clasp hooks or you will find that eventually they will weaken and become out of shape.
  • Think about how your outfit is coming together. You don't want your jewellery to be constantly in your way or damaging itself: will that spikey bracelet catch on that cute open weave knit top? Or will your large dangly statement earrings keep knocking on your necklace?


  • Immediately after you take off your jewellery give it a wipe with a tissue or soft cloth (I know it might be really late at night, but you will be thankful in the long run). Wiping it over removes any make up, dirt or sweat that could discolour your beautiful piece.
  • Sterling silver can be cleaned with a polishing cloth or special silver cleaning solution that can be bought from jewellers. Do not use sterling silver cleaners on other metals or stones.
  • Do not apply chemicals to pearls as they are very pourous and can become discoloured, loose their luste (shine) or begin to deteriorate.
  • Think about how your jewellery is stored. You don't want delicate pieces knocking against each other, this could lead to potential damage and sad faces.
  • Try buying a set of stationery drawers and lining them with bubble wrap. Use one drawer for earrings, one drawer for bracelets etc. This will keep your jewellery organised and less likely to be scratched.
  • BE necklaces and bracelets are threaded on a nylon coated steel wire. This wire is extremely strong and durable. However necklaces must be stored in a flat laid position. If the necklace is coiled or bent in an odd way the necklace may end up with permanent kinks in the wire that will prevent it from sitting properly on the body.
  • BE jewellery always comes in a lovely box that ou may wish to use to store your jewellery. If you decide to put all your pieces in a general jewellery box still hang on to these as they will come in handy for storage or if you have to move.
  • Make sure you store pearls in a dry environment using acid free plain tissue paper, white plain fabric or something like bubble rap asmentioned before. I used to work in a pearl jewellery store. I heard a story of a woman who kept her pearl necklace in a jewellery box lined in pink fabric. One day she took out her lovely strand of white pearls and noticed that they had become a blotchy pink! The pourous pearls had absorbed the pink dye!
  • The bottom line is: take care of your jewellery and it will love you forever!