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10 Minutes with Joanna Fox...

A behind the scenes interview with Joanna Fox, the gorgeous model featured in the Spring/Summer 2012 Wild Card Collection shoot. See what Jo has to say about jewellery, fashion and some fun and not-so-fun modelling moments.

Briana Edith: Hi Jo, thanks for having this chat with me today! So first tell me, did you enjoy the shoot?

Joanna Fox: I have worked together with Bo (stylist) and Sarah (make up artist) before and it is always such a pleasure to work with them. This shoot was no exception especially with the addition of working with you and Emmeline (photographer) as well. This shoot has to be one of my favourites shoots, everyone was comfortable with each other...you could tell by all the sexual innuendoes! The clothes were cute, the jewellery was gorgeous, the weather was perfect and we all just had a fantastic and fun day; what was there not to enjoy. It was such a pleasure working with everyone and I definitely cannot wait to shoot again.

BE: How did you find working in the different locations, such as the glass house and the bamboo garden?

JF: At first I was a bit worried about shooting in the glass house with the hot weather, fearing I would melt away! But it was actually one of my favourite locations and wasn't that hot at all. Posing within the bamboo was the trickiest one, trying not to catch the clothes on branches, rearranging branches and weaving my way in and out to find the right position. And the scariest one was on the [concrete] steps with roller skates that I had never worn before and that were three sizes too small for me!! Although I didn't stack it, I had a moment where everyone gasped and my life flashed before my eyes. The locations turned out great and I always love variety and a challenge.

BE: How did you go on the roller skates? Have you ever worked with difficult props before?

JF: I have always wanted to skate but never had the chance until this shoot... a lot harder than they look that is for sure, especially on the stairs and when they are three sizes to small for you!! But I did not stack it, so I was proud of myself. I previously did an Alice in Wonderland themed shoot with real cookies and lollies, trying to eat while posing is actually quite difficult, especially when you want to eat all the props at once.

BE: One of the difficulties on the day of the shoot was working around some members of the public. Can you tell me what you thought of that?

JF: Ha ha yes the old men staring!! Not much you can do really but smile. I do a lot of promo work too so I guess I am used to all sorts of personalities wanting to get to know you and wanting to know what is happening, so I have learned to tolerate it.

BE: Everyone wanted to take that HarryWHO jacket home with them! Was there any other pieces of clothing that you loved?

JF: Oh yes the HarryWho jacket, my one true love! I also adored the red high waisted shorts and the oversized cream knit.

BE: And how about the jewellery, which pieces from the spring/summer collection were you especially loving?

JF: This is such a tough question, all of the pieces were just exquisite but if I had to choose one, or maybe two it would be the white and pink (A Bit Lovely) set worn with the skates and the first necklace worn in the cave (Another Flavour), I just adore the colours.

BE: How do you like to wear your jewellery and do you have a favourite type?

JF: Statement pieces while keeping it simple. Whether it be wearing a ring the size of my hand or just an outstanding necklace. I also love chokers, they are edgy but have a sense of a sophistication as well.

BE: How do you feel about fashion and trends?

JF: I simply adore fashion, I live and breathe it, however I prefer personal style over trends. Anyone can be told what to wear and what is hot and in season now, but to have personal style, that is a totally different thing all together. I am a huge believe in individuality.

BE: What have been your experiences in modelling so far?

JF: My mother was a model and she took me to one of her shoots when I was just a baby and I couldn't help but crawl in front of the camera all the time, and when they took me away from the lens I would start to cry. My father was a photographer as well, so all of my life I have been in front and behind the lens. But only within the last couple of years have I started to model professionally. Since then I have done numerous fashion shoots, beauty shoots, modelled for hair stylist and make up artist, promotional work, bikini comps and been published on posters and in magazines.

BE: What has been your favourite model moment so far?

JF: My favourite modelling moment so far would have to be when I was asked to model for a poster for a local night club. It takes a lot of getting used to seeing your face all over town for a week!

BE: And dare I ask, has there been a worst moment for you?

JF: I was a promotional model at an auto show and all of the promo girls had to go on stage to introduce ourselves and the company we were representing, this was on the second day. The first day I spent 9 hours walking around in high heels so I was pretty sore, worn out and in my own little world. The MC asked what my age was and I said I was 17 not 19! Getting my age wrong in front of a few hundred people is pretty embarrassing!

BE: If someone wants to get in contact with you for a shoot how can they do so?

JF: They can simply send me an email to royal.fox.photography@hotmail.com or visit my blog:  http://butijustcalledherhussy.blogspot.com.au/

BE: Thank you so much for your time today Jo!

JF: Pleasure babe!

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