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A Floral Affair

And so fashion's (and mine) obsession with digital print continues...

Fashion is no stranger to flower power and now with the digital trend still in full force, new life is being breathed into the floral print.

Mary Katrantzou exploded into the fashion world in (year) with her amazing digital print creation. A wild juxtaposition of colour, imagery and playful design.

Australian designer Josh Goot's Resort 2013 collection features eye popping florals and ink blot style motifs on a vast range of different items of clothing, from cocktail dresses to puffa jackets.

Haute couture to high street can be seen blooming with floral creations.
My personal favourite hs been floral print on denim: So here are a few of my faves that I have spied recently, and some cool ways to style and accesssorise them.

My favourite pair is from the Myer Miss Shop!
I love the watercolour "Monet" style print and I'm a sucker for purple.
I've styled them relatively simple here: a plain black top with shoulder tassles, black heels and a statement Briana Edith necklace to balance the look. With this styling the jeans really pop as the outfit feature.

I saw these Pulp Kitchen rose denim jeans in Dangerfield the other day and am soooo in love.
Loving the hint of girly punk that will be perfect for the upcoming winter season.


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