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Top 5 Wardrobe Staples...

We caught up with stylist and fashion blogger Bo-Tarah Rose from the BE SS12 Wild Card shoot to find out her Top 5 wardrobe staples, as well as some other stylish tips!

Briana Edith: So of course my first question is going to be about jewellery. How do you personally like to wear jewellery and do you have a favourite piece/type of jewellery?

Bo-Tarah Rose: Jewellery and accessories have always been my number one love, more so than clothes so my collection is quite big! These things always have a way of making or breaking an outfit, it depends on what you're wearing and how you're wearing it. Personally, I'm a big fan of the bohemmian look. I love big chunky pieces that catch your eye and are a statement within themselves. I absolutely love stacking bangles that don't look like they should be together.

BE: What is your number one style rule?

BTR: Make it your own.

BE: What are your top 5 wardrobe staples?

BTR: My wardrobe always changes but I've found the following have made permanent residency in my wardrobe.

1. A good fitting pair of black skinny jeans

2. A couple of basic maxi dresses

3. Some tank tops which are great for layering (my favourite styling method in the whole world!)

4. A leather jacket

5. A good pair of heels that are high enough to be glamourous but low enough to wear all day.

BE: What are the top 5 things you carry in your hand-bag?

BTR: 1. My iPhone (I do so much of my work on that thing!)

2. A small make up bag with the absolute basics for emergency like mascara, eyeliner and a bright lippy, you never know when you'll need to look fabulous in an instant and these bit always do the job in a short time!

3. Sunnies. I have so many pairs it's beyond a joke but you'll always find my trusty aviators in my bag

4. USB stick. Just for back up.

5. Tic Tacs. You never know who you're going to meet.

BE: Do you have any trend predictions for Summer 2012?

BTR: Summer (2011) just gone had a heavy emphasis on colour blocking which has carried over into the winter (2012) trends and mixed with a heavy 60's mod style. It's looking as though the trends are being pulled from the past so I wouldn't be surprised if this coming summer we begin to see a 70's influence.

BE: What was your favourite outfit from the SS12 shoot? The HarryWHO jacket was much loved by everyone, but which piece was your styling triumph?

BTR: I loved that (Harry Who) jacket so much too! Was a very wise move of you (Briana) to bring it along! In my opinion there were two ultra strong photos from that shoot, the leather jacket against the black, graffitied bamboo was one of them. The other was the black crochet dress. Both had an element of attitude that suited the location as well as Jo (the model) who is stunning but is a strong and very tough presence in the photos. She did both of these outfits so much justice, they just wouldn't have been the same if she wasn't in them.

BE: How about the amazing jewellery, what was your favourite piece from the collection?

BTR: Personally, I adore the bright aqua, red and cream tribal necklace (The New Country) and I will be buying one as soon as the collection becomes available!

BE: How do you feel about fashion and trends in general?

BTR: Fashion is a form of self expression, its a way to tell people about yourself and I've always been a strong believer that what you wear holds an emotional connection to your thoughts and feelings. As for trends, they're fun and I love reading about them at the start of each season, but it's all about making them work for you. If it doesn't fit in with my own style, it has no place in my wardrobe.

BE: What was on your mood board for this shoot?

BTR: My board had a lot of bohemmian glamour images, lots of colour, lots of natural fibres etc. The range is very bright and reminded me a lot of summer. Initially the idea was to shoot on the beach but when you (Briana) suggested the Botanic Gardens, it just felt like more of a match to the theme of the mood board.

BE: How would you best describe the role of a stylist?

BTR: The role of a stylist is never the same, not only are you responsible for the clothing side of things but you hold the vision of the whole shoot. Unless you are working to a brief and the team knows the desired outcome, it is up to you to have a basic knowledge of the hair, make up, photography, props etc because you need to be able to communicate to your team what you'd like them to do to so, everyone has the same idea about the finished product.

BE: How can a person decide whether a colour suits their skin tone?

BTR: Book an appointment with me! People can generally get an idea by looking out how a colour makes their complexion look. Colours that suit certain skin tones will  glow while those that don't will make you look gaunt and washed out. That being said everyone can wear every colour, it just comes down to which shade (of that colour) it is.

BE: What rules should a girl follow when they want to clean out their wardrobe? 

BTR: I have a rule that if I don't wear something for at least 6 months, it goes up for sale on eBay! Wardrobe clean outs can be easily avoided if when you shop, you really think hard about any purchases you make. When you're in the change room and you think you love something, you should be going over a few ways you can wear it in your mind with pieces you already have, particularly if the item is expensive! Book an appointment with me if you feel you're having a wardrobe disaster!

BE: How can people book an appointment with you?

BTR: By the following:

Website: www.fashionkilledme.com via the Contact Us page or by phone: 0409 526 135

BE: Thanks so much for sharing Bo!

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