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Pretty in Pearls!

The Low Down:

Pearls are amazing, I LOVE LOVE LOVE them! They are the only gemstone that is grown inside a living organism! I also love this little factoid, apparently (according to Hindu folk-lore) Lord Krishna gave pearls to his daughter for her wedding, initating the custom of brides wearing pearls on their wedding day. Coco Chanel was almost never seen without a pearl strand and practically built her brand on them. No one has ever eaten a croissant more elegantly than Audrey Hepburn and then SJP styled them up in Sex and The City.

Pearls are grown by living oysters or mussels deep below the salty seas or fresh water lakes. A pearl is basically a reaction to an irritant inside the oyster. In the wild this would normally be a parasite that drills though the shell of the oyster. Today it is very rare to have natural pearls, most pearls are now formed when humans introduce an irritant intentioally to stimulate the growth of a pearl. These farmed pearls are called "cultured" pearls.

Style It Up:

As Jackie Kennedy said: "pearls are always appropriate". So working with this quote in mind I've styled two different looks to for wearing pearls today.

Look 1: Tough Pretty

I love the juxtaposition of styles. This is a great way to wear pearls without looking too proper. A pretty floral dress nipped in at the waist with a cropped leather jacket is perfect mix of feminine/masculine. Add Chelsea boots and with a long pearl strand to complete the look. This Briana Edith necklace includes fresh water pearls, hot pink agate and pyrite. The necklace itself mixes the soft feminine pearls with bold faceted pyrite.

Look 2: Modern Preppy

This look is a little more preppy and proper, but of course still just that little bit different. I wanted to take a traditional look and modernise it with some current trends. This look is all about crisp lines and sleek silhouettes, all perfect for pearls. A shirt with an unusual bold collar is a great alternative to wearing necklace, leaving plently of room for earrings. I've chosen my Salute The Sun pearl and yellow agate earrings and have then picked up the colour again in the jeans. Tuck the shirt into the cigarette leg jeans, slip on some masculine loafers and the look is complete.

More Pearls of Wisdom:

The MOST important quality to look at when choosing pearls is Lustre. The luster refers to the surface brilliance and inner glow. Glimpses of rainbow colours are one such feature of high quality lustre.
The surface quality is also important, however beauty is in the eye of the beholder and sometime flaws and imperfections on the surface my be a desirable look.
The rounder the pearl the more valuable it is. Perfectly round pearls are extremely rare.
Pearls come naturally in a gorgeous variety of colours including white, cream, pink, yellow, green and black. However pearls are extremely porous and therefore lend themselves to being dyed an array of rainbow colours.

SHOP Pearl Styles:

Image Sources: net-a-porter.com, topshop.com, asos.com

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