About Briana Edith

BE unique, BE a statement, BE in love with life… just BE

Briana Edith jewellery is pop-glamour with a tribal twist. It is bold, sexy, fierce, spirited and a bit flirtatious.

Each piece has a strong feminine edge; designed for women that dare to wear, who always want to be just that little bit different and believe that life is a stage.                                   

Briana Edith Lawrence is the woman behind the Briana Edith label. With qualifications in jewellery and costume design and manufacturing, the two fields create a fusion between traditional jewellery techniques and theatrical design flair.

A firm will for always wanting to be just that little bit different is the creative inspiration behind Briana Edith. Her previous work and experience within the fashion industry also gives her jewellery a fashion-forward approach without cookie-cutter trend influences.

Briana uses a combination of semi-precious stones with precious and non-precious metals to create the best of both worlds between fine jewellery and costume jewellery. Each piece of jewellery is hand-made and each stone is hand selected, meaning the quality of workmanship is high whilst the use of natural stones means each piece created is unique.

Briana would like to leave you with these 4 words: